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Vegetable Samosa - $3.99

House made flaky triangular shells filled with mildly seasoned potatoes and baby green peas served with tamarind and mint chutney. (2 pcs)

Vegetable Pakora - $3.99

Tasty food made of mix vegetables with chickpeas batter and authentic Himalayan spices. (6 pcs)

Onion Bhaji - $3.99
Another mouthwatering snack made of free structural onion balls mixed with spices, bound together with chickpea batter and fried to perfection. (2 pcs)

Paneer Pakora - $5.99
Chef’s favorite snack made of homemade cottage cheese dipped in spiced chickpea batter and fried to perfection; served with homemade mint and tamarind chutneys. (6 pcs)


Chicken Pakora - $6.99
Famous Nepali dish served with chicken dipped in spiced chickpea flour batter and fried to perfection; served with homemade mint and tamarind. (6 pcs)


Chili Paneer - $8.99
A popular Indo Chinese dish, made with fried green chilies, green and red peppers, onion and toasted with a spicy tangy sauce.    

Chili Chicken - $7.99
A popular Indo Chinese chicken dish, made with fried green chilies, green and red peppers, onion and toasted with a spicy tangy sauce.

Bhatamas Sadeko - $3.99
A popular Nepali traditional dish (also famous snack while serving alcohol) serves with mix of soybean, garlic herbs, lemon and chilly.

Veggie Hakka Manchurian - $6.99
A tempering appetizer prepared by sautéed vegetable balls in soy, tomato and chili sauces and serves with its sibling of vegetable Manchurian gravy.

Chicken 65 - $7.99
Famous south Indian dish made of chicken cubes marinated in yogurt, spices, fried to perfection, and sautéed with bay leaves and fresh herbs.

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Soups and salads

Kachumber Salad - $3.99

For a lighter option try our heart healthy salad served with finely diced Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, Sweet bell pepper seasoned with chat masala and Lime vinegar.

Mulligatawny Soup - $4.99

A Himalayan cold beater soup made with a hearty blend on lentils, basmati rice, celery and small chunks of dices chicken in a roasted pepper broth

Dal soup - $3.99

A traditional soup made of lentil which is Bursting with flavor and fiber.


Tomato soup - $3.99

Famous everywhere which is made of delicately spiced tomato soup with cilantro.


Vegetable soup - $4.99

Another light option that is healthy, warm and delicious.

The Gurkha’s special where Taste definitely matters….!

Vegetable MOMO (steamed) - $6.99

Hyper-Delicious Street Food from Nepal made with thin dough skin, stuffed with fine chopped cilantro, onions, cabbage, carrots and tofu; full of Himalayan spices, served with special chutney.

Chicken MOMO - $7.99

Delectably mouthwatering street food from Nepal made with thin dough skin stuffed with fine chopped cilantro, onions, cabbage and ground chicken full of Himalayan spices, served with special chutney.

Jhol MOMO ( Veg/Chicken) - $8.99

Himalayan cold beater dish made with steam chicken Momo served with Gurkha’s homemade spicy Momo sauce.

Sizzler MOMO - $9.99

Another palatable authentic traditional dish from Nepal serve with Sizzling (steamed or fried) Momo dipped in homemade Momo sauce

Vegetable Chowmein - $7.99

Popular Nepali Chinese cuisine made from stir fried noodles with mix Veggies and our Himalayan spices.

Chicken Chowmein - $8.99

Everyone’s Favorite Nepali Chinese Cuisine made from stir fried noodles with mix Veggies, Chicken and our Himalayan spices.      

Chili Chicken - $7.99
A popular Indo Chinese chicken dish, made with fried green chilies, green and red peppers, onion and toasted with a spicy tangy sauce.


Vegetable Fried Rice - $7.99

An authentic Chinese Cuisine made with authentic Chinese cuisine, an excellent combination of mixed vegetables, garnished with spring onion.

Chicken Fried Rice - $8.99

Another authentic Chinese Cuisine made with combination of mixed vegetables, chicken, garnished with spring onion.

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Barbeque (Tandoori)

Accompanied with one serving of basmati rice.

Lamb Chops - $16.99

Deliciously cooked baby lamb chops marinated with our special homemade cheese and cashew nut paste served with mint sauce (4 pics)

Khasi ko Sekuwa - $13.99

Yummie…! Authentic Nepali dish made from marinated goat meat with Gorkha’s special herbs and spices char grilled on a skewer.

Tandoori Chicken - $13.99

For this famous Indian dish that we marinate our spring chicken in a blend of Punjabi authentic spices and yogurt sauce before roasting in the tandoor oven.

Chicken Tikka - $13.99

World Famous dish made of tender boneless of white meat marinated in mild traditionally rich Indian spices and cooked on a skewer in our tandoor oven.

Seekh Kebab - $14.99

Pakistani’s favorite dish made from ground lamb meat is flavored with fresh blend of herbs, spices, bell peppers, onions, mint and cilantro

Gurkha’s Sizzling Grill - $17.99

Gotta try this…! A real taste made with a combination of assorted kebab lamb, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, shrimp grilled in tandoor served with a portion of dal makhana.

Shrimp Tandoori - $ 16.99

Shrimp marinated in authentic Himalayan spices and cooked on a Skewer in our tandoor oven.

Fish Tikka - $14.99

Delicious dish made with Tilapia and mix chef’s special authentic spices


Vegetarian Specialties

Each entrée accompanied with serving of basmati Rice.

Palak Paneer - $11.99

Famous food from India made with fresh spinach leaves blended in a mildly spiced creamy curry sauce with cubes of homemade style cheese

Aloo Palak - $10.99

Vegetarian’s favorite made with fresh spinach leaves blended in a mildly spiced creamy curry sauce with cubes of potatoes

Punjabi Chole (Chick peas) - $10.99

Deliciously cooked garbanzo beans in a tangy sauce with authentic Indian spices in a Punjabi style.


Malai Kofta - $10.99

Popular traditional homemade dish made in a Indian style cheese and mixed vegetables dumplings in a tomato, onion and almond sauce garnish with roasted almonds


Dal Makhana - $11.99

Mouthwatering dish made with Slow Simmered Black Lentils, Garlic, Butter, Tomatoes, with authentic Himalayan Spice

Yellow Dal Tarka - $11.99

A perfect dish made with lentils, tempered with cumin seed, onion, tomatoes and chili.

Mixed Vegetables - $10.99

Veggies world….! Made with potato, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, bell pepper tomatoes, cooked in onion gravy with Indian spices and herbs. Rich Flavor!

Aloo Gobhi - $10.99

Famous vegetarian dish made with Potatoes, Cauliflower, Cumin, Garlic, Turmeric.

Paneer Tawa Masala - $11.99

A delectable vegetarian dish made from Indian homemade cheese simmered in a rich makhni flavored with ajwan.

Kadhai Paneer - $11.99

Veggies lover’s favorite food made of paneer cubes, onion and capsicum cooked in a traditional kadai with onion and tomato sauce.

Matar Paneer - $11.99

A Delicious vegetarian dish made from homemade cheese and peas cooked in tomato sauce, touch of cream and Indian authentic spice and herbs.

Vegetable Korma - $10.99

This delectable Indian Vegetable Korma is loaded with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, peas, Medley, Cashew-Cream Sauce, Nuts. Make sure you have plenty of naan to dip in the creamy coconut sauce…


Non-Vegetarian Delights

Each entrée accompanied with a serving of basmati rice.

The Gurkha Ambrosial Goat Curry - $13.99

Absolutely gotta try this…! Goat curry cooked in traditional Nepali style on tomato and onion gravy full of flavor and blend in Himalayan spices.

Vindaloo masala - $12.99 (chicken),13.99 lamb, $14.99 (shrimp or fish)

A popular dish from Goa, India, this comes with your choice of meat (chicken, lamb, shrimp, or fish) prepared with onion, tomato and tangy spicy chili base gravy and chunks of potatoes with great Indian spices and herbs.

Korma - $12.99(chicken), 13.99 (lamb), $14.99(shrimp or fish)

Famous Pakistani dish comes with your choice of meat (chicken, lamb, shrimp, or fish) cooked in coconut powder/milk, and creamy onion sauce with cashews and almonds.


Curry - $12.99 (chicken), 13.99 (goat or lamb), $14.99 (shrimp or fish)

Yummie! Choice of your meat (chicken, lamb, shrimp, goat (with bone), or Fish) simmered in tomato onion curry sauce, Indian spices and fresh herbs.


Chicken Tikka Masala - $12.99

Movie has been made on this famous dish. This is made up of Boneless skinless chicken breast cooked in tandoor and blended in light creamy masala sauce with cashew.

Saagwala - $12.99 (chicken),13.99 (lamb), $14.99 (shrimp)

A popular delicious dish from Delhi, India which comes with choice of your meat (chicken, lamb, shrimp) cooked in mixture of spinach and mild but rich spices.

Butter chicken - $12.99

American famous Indian dish comes with tandoori chicken thigh (boneless) cooked in purred tomato sauce, touch of onion sauce with authentic spices and finished with touch of butter and cream

Kadai - $12.99 (chicken), $13.99 (lamb or goat), $14.99 (shrimp or fish)

Spice lovers favorite dish comes with choice of your meat (chicken, lamb, goat (bone in), Shrimp, or Fish) simmered in tomato onion curry sauce, authentic Indian spices and fresh herbs, diced fresh tomato, onion and bell paper.

Biryani - $ 8.99 (vegetable) / $10.99 (chicken ) / $12.99 (lamb or goat) / 13.99 ( shrimp)

Famous fried rice from India and Pakistan comes with your choice of meat, (chicken, goat (with bone), lamb, shrimp or vegetables) cooked with basmati rice along with aromatic spices.

Thali Special  *  Currently not available due to Covid

Veg Thali - $13.99

Veggie land People’s favorite dish comes with traditional Indian Combination platter served with samosa (1 pic) or pakora, rice, Dal, Saag Paneer, mix veg, Papad, Butter Naan (one), Mix pickle, Raita, homemade desserts.

Non-veg Thali - $14.99

Meat lover’s anger due to hunger you will love this traditional Indian Combination platter served with chicken pakora, Rice, Chicken Tika masala, chicken curry, lamb curry, Dal, Papad, Naan, Mix pickle, Raita, homemade desserts (kulfi or Gulab jamun).         

The Gurkha Special Thali - $16.99

Chef’s favorite dish and popular in any region of Nepal, comes with great combination platter served with Chicken pakora, Tandoori chicken, Rice, Dal, Goat curry (with bone), chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, shrimp curry, papad, Naan, mix pickle, raita, choice of your homemade desserts.


Naan bread

Plain Naan - $1.99

White unleavened bread baked in a clay oven with or without butter.

Garlic Naan - $2.99

White bread with fresh garlic baked in a clay oven.

Tandoori Roti - $1.99

Unleavened whole wheat flour breaded cooked in tandoori oven.

Peshwari Naan - $4.99

White bread stuffed with dried fruits, cherry, coconut and fresh herbs.

Chili Garlic Naan - $3.50

Whole bread topped with chopped chilli, garlic and cilantro cooked in clay oven.

Onion Kulcha - $3.99

Onion, cilantro, spice mixed stuffed in white bread cooked in a clay oven.

Poori - $1.99

Whole wheat deep fried puffed bread

Aloo Paratha - $3.99

Spicy potato stuffed in whole bread and cooked in clay oven.

Keema Naan - $3.99

Flat white bread stuffed spiced grounded lamb cooked in clay oven.

Chicken Naan - $3.99

Lea vend bread stuffed with minced chicken, touched of fresh chopped garlic and herbs, backed in clay oven.

Bhattura - $2.50

Fried Indian bread

Lacchha Paratha - $2.99

The layered paratha with crispy, flakey yet soft texture




Raita - $2.99

Pickles - $1.99

Mango chutney - $1.99

Plain basmati Rice - $2.99

Jeera Rice - $2.99

Gulab Jamun (2 pic) - $3.99

Kheer - $2.50

Gajar Halwa - $3.50

Sweet Lassi - $2.49

Mango Lassi - $3.49

Salted Lassi - $2.49

Masala Tea - $2.49

Coffee - $2.99

Ice Tee (Sweet/Un Sweet) - $2.49

Ice Chai Tee - $2.49

Fountain Drinks - $2.49