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Our Story


Story Behind Our Success

The Gurkha Bar & Grill have an extensive menu of all your Indian and nepalese favorites, and we’re always consistent with the quality of our ingredients and the friendliness of our servers. The Gurkha (English Version) or/and the Gorkhali (Nepali Version) are the same identity to the people, whose origin or root emanates from Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.


Words from the owner “I am migrated to United States over 20 years ago. For more than 19 years, I am residing in Euless, TX with my childhood love. We now have a beautiful daughter. Throughout my college years and my career, I have made so many friends which earned me a huge network and success to the things I aimed for. Also, the diversity of people with different backgrounds and cultures made this city of Euless a home. That is where I decided to open a common place where we can eat together, share our thoughts together and the most importantly bring our community together.”



How We Started

“My thought became reality when I talked to my cousin and his father who were also looking for an opportunity to establish a commonplace for hospitality. He has his childhood dream which is to establish a restaurant where he can cook and serve food. To succeed on his dream, he went to college and earned a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science: A Diploma of hospitality management and certificate in Commercial Cookery from Holmes Institute in Sydney, Australia. Then, he moved to United States and start working in restaurant where he worked as both manager and head chef for past 9 years. He has saved every penny from his income with a dream where he can possibly own and operate a restaurant to serve people with authentic food.


To support us, my uncle will serve as a head chef who has an experienced working in Indian and Nepalese restaurant over 27 years. He has very successful experience where he took couple of run down restaurants to the higher level and are now famous for his authenticity and taste of food that people never forget. In addition to our team, we have couple of other family members who will help us in our operations to accomplish our overall family vision.”

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